Episode #3 - What Impact Do Acoustics Have on Children & Teachers in Schools and How Can We Create the Best Environment for Both?

The third episode of Catalyst Conversations will sound a little different than our previous two episodes. In this edition, Slavi Younger, Educator on Acoustics and the Co-Founder of Fräsch, one of the companies in Catalyst’s portfolio, speaks with Sue Ann Highland, a National Education Strategist and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with School Specialty, in a previously recorded webinar from late 2022.

During the discussion, the two offer suggestions on how to improve acoustics in educational spaces. Undesirable acoustics in educational spaces have long been considered averse to our goals to effectively teach, create, collaborate, listen, and learn. The impact on students’ academic achievement, social adaptation, and mental health can be vast and long-lasting. Because the webinar received such positive feedback, and because the takeaways span industries outside of education, we wanted to share the audio with our podcast listeners. We hope you find the episode informative and enjoyable.